Day #43 of 101

Day #43 of 101 artworks in 101 days. Today’s art piece is a fun dragonfly on a 6×6 canvas. canvas art - Page 035



Day #41 of 101. This is similar to my last Michigan painting. The background is watercolored and the mitt is strips of handmade paper

.# 17 Blue michigan


Day # 37 & #38 of 101 artworks in 101 days. I painted a bunch of watercolor paper with watercolors and added salt to make some subtle designs on the background. I then cut each sheet into 4 pieces and painted white letters on them. I took my acrylic paint pens and decorated each white letter with different colors, and doodled in black on top of that. Turned out to be a very fun project!


Day #36 of 101 artworks in 101 days! This started out as a plain white canvas tote, and then I painted splashes of color over the whole thing. The drawings on the front and back were done on a piece of heat and bond paper. This was ironed onto both sides of the tote, and I painted embellishments on that.

#34 Happy July 4th!

# 34 of 101 artworks in 101 days! This canvas sign is painted with all acrylic paint so it’s weather proof. After I hung it on the metal post, I noticed that I probably should have painted the tabs as well. It will be pretty in the garden by my front door…

Mixed Media Art